We work with Plastic Surgeons/Dermatologists and Med-Spas and help them create unique Sales and Conversion Funnels to promote their Special Offers or Coupons to targeted local people so they can start using their services. Below is an example of one such funnel and the results generated for one client.

1st The targeted Facebook ads attract people to go to a Landing Page where we help capture their information. This is key in order to be able to build a list of targeted people to follow up with and market to in the future***

2nd- Once targeted prospects complete their information, they are sent to a Thank You page where they get instructions on how to access their special offer or redeem their coupon.

But the process doesn't stop there....

3rd We create a series of Follow up messages via SMS Text, Email and Direct Mail to make sure they make an appointment and come in to your office.

Using this type of sales funnel, here are the results for one client:

  • People who saw the ad - 15,379

  • Number of people who clicked on the Facebook Ad and landed on the Landing Page- 235

  • New people who completed the form and became leads - 59

  • Total number of New Patients in one month- 15

  • Estimated Long Term Value of these new patients (assume $10k LTV per new patient) $150,000

  • This does NOT include additional new patients as a result of the follow up campaign messages to the other 44 leads.

  • Campaign period: less than 30 days

  • Client’s ROI= 3,300% (on a total fee plus ad spend of $5,000)

And I believe any one would agree that this system works and the results are incredible!

But we knew we could do better if only we could reach out ONLY to people who are already searching online for the type of services our clients; offer...

And that is exactly what we are doing...

***NEW-  With our access to In-Market leads (people who are already looking for specific services to purchase within a local area) we can also reach out to these people to get them to call and make an appointment. We can even create what is called a “custom audience” an upload it to Facebook so that the ads are presented ONLY to these targeted people. Result: a lot more targeted traffic that can become new patients with exclusive leads for our clients!!

So the question to you is, how would you like to see similar (or better) results for your campaigns?

Click below to find out how we can help you attract a lot more new patients in weeks... not months!


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DISCLAIMER: These are actual results for this client..We can;t guarantee your results but we do guarantee at least a 3X return on your investement (ROI) on our services or we will refund your investment.